latest riches

Kent Lapp

If your goal is to save all the money you possibly can you may be missing out on some big opportunities.

Sometimes saving money is the worst thing you could do.

I can explain.

Let’s assume you’re lucky enough to squeak out a profit in your business or division. You decide to take it all home. The next month/quarter/year brings extreme demand, just like you predicted. Only now you have no cash to seize the opportunity.

Or we could assume you own a property. You have a tenant that moves out after 5 years, and unlike their intentions on the lease they smoked in it. You want to save money so you don’t repair really at all. You’ll get a different tenant and return than if you had fixed it up reasonably well.

Or we could pretend this applies to more than money. You feel unenergized, tired, lazy and distracted…

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