Gold Analysis – “Hovis Trader Style”

The HOVIS Trader

Lets take a look at the Gold market.

I don’t look at fundamentals, of late a lot of talk about QE has been banded about – as with everything to do with Investing I find that every decision is based on our beliefs and assumptions whatever market you are trading/Investing.  Most people belong to the buy and hold camp probably because the long-term nature of all markets is to rise and grow, what most people don’t do is work out that although markets grow over the ultra long-term, at stages during this growth they stagnate and move sideways or downwards – it just so happens that over the ultra long-term growth in the markets can be backed up by fundamental analysis.

However, the intra-week swings can’t be backed up by this, but still the media try their best to attach news to the swings – one days its QE, the next…

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